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Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss

Monika Fleischmann is a research artist and the head of MARS - Media Arts and Research Studies - at the GMD Institute for Media Communication in Sankt Augustin, Germany. In 1988 she was co-founder of Art + Com, Berlin, a research institute for computer-assisted media research. Her multidisciplinary background - fashion design, art and drama, computer graphics - has made her an expert in the world of art, computer science and media technology. Her artistic work deals with visualising the change of identity and perception in a digital media culture. Her research projects are based on interface design and new forms of communication. The design of interfaces as a tool, as space and as a situation is the basis of communicative action and motivation for their scientific exploration of mixed realities. In opposition to the theory of the disappearing body, she uses digital interfaces as a playful interaction of bodies, art and technology.

Wolfgang Strauss is architect and visiting professor in interactive media. Strauss studied Architecture at the Academie of Fine Arts Berlin and has held teaching positions in Visual Communication at the HDK Berlin, at the KHM Media Art School Cologne, at the School of Fine Arts Saarbrücken and the Kunsthochschule in Kassel. He was a co-founder of Art + Com, Berlin in 1988. His artistic work - produced with his partner, Media Artist Monika Fleischmann - has been included in exhibitions and festivals of new media art worldwide, and was awarded with the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica 1992. As an architect his main interest is to develop methods for intermedia representation in Mixed Realities. His recent work is about intuitive interface environments related to the human body and digital media space.

eMUSE: an electronic Multi-User Stage Environment links real and virtual space in a mixed-reality shared environment for group interaction. It is realised as a VRML(Virtual Reality Modelling Language)-based networked multi-user environment. eMUSE is built as a modular system for interfacing, rendering and displaying the virtual environment, for multiple-user support and for attachment of non-standard, free-body interaction interfaces. Any public VRML compliant browser can be used as a rendering machine. The external user interface driver of eMUSE allows the attachment of arbitrary interfaces “local and remote” to control navigation and interaction in mixed realities.