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Margaret Dolinsky
Beat Box

Margaret Dolinsky is an Artist, Research Scientist and Assistant Professor at the School of Fine Arts at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She received her MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. She researches, designs and creates for the CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE).

Dolinsky designs real-time computer art experiences for the CAVE by investigating artistic metaphors and how they establish guidance and content in technologically based media. Her metaphors are developed from her studies in perception and cognition while painting, printmaking and practicing art therapy.

The iconic metaphors for movement in the CAVE focus on people and the “situations” they confront within their private and public selves. This interests her because, she says, it is the participants who complete the virtual performance through their actions and interactions. I wish to create empathic experiences, dilemmas and psychic confrontations for others who are able to expose their inner selves to experience unique reflections.

Beat Box presents networked CAVE participants with a playful arena of interactive virtual sound machines. Each of machines has a unique periodic duration and controls, respectively, percussion, ambient loops and bass sounds. Participants cycle through sound selections and give voice to a time interval by connecting it to a thoroughly odd indigenous head. Each head represents a distinct moment in a sequence that contributes to the resultant delivery of the collective instruments.

Beat Box Frame Capture