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Robert Kinoshita
Lost in Space <1965>

Robert Kinoshita is considered by many as "The Father" of the Jupiter 2. Robert "Bob" Kinoshita is more widely known by Sci-Fi fans as the designer of Robby the Robot and The Robot B9 from Lost In Space which he nicknamed "Blinky". He also designed the Jupiter 2 space ship for Lost In Space as well. When Irwin Allen decided to make the pilot for Lost In Space, he hired William Creber as Art Director to design the Robinson's space craft. Creber did, in fact, design the Gemini XII space craft for the pilot but after the pilot was bought by CBS and before production of the series was to begin, Bill Creber had to return to "Voyage" to supervise the huge upgrading of the Seaview sets (making the control room one level, modifying the miniatures, and building the Flying Sub and other such additions. They also had a major move from one stage to another).

Around April of 1965 Irwin Allen hired Robert Kinoshita as the new Art Director for the Lost In Space series and although CBS had purchased the pilot - changes would still need to be made. Of the many tasks to befall Robert Kinoshita two of them were to come up with a Robot to add to the series and also to redesign the Gemini XII space ship into what would become the Jupiter 2.