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®TMark receives project ideas from Internet users, then lists them at the site. Each listed project has its own discussion list (linked from the project). When a project requires a bit of funding to be accomplished, sometimes investors will step up to the plate and offer their help. Even more often, people will offer non-financial help or feedback. ®TMark is a brokerage that benefits from "limited liability" just like any other corporation; using this principle, ®TMark supports the sabotage (informative alteration) of corporate products, from dolls and children's learning tools to electronic action games, by channelling funds from investors to workers for specific projects grouped into "mutual funds." ®TMark is indeed a corporation, and benefits from corporate protections, but unlike other corporations, its "bottom line" is to improve culture, rather than its own pocketbook; it seeks cultural profit, not financial.

Just as ordinary corporations are solely and entirely machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the detriment of culture and life) so ®TMark is a machine to improve its shareholders' culture and life (sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth). Unlike corporations, which have few limits to what they will do in order to bolster their financial profits, ®TMark will never promote a project that is likely to result in physical harm to humans. That is ®TMark's only ethical compunction. ®TMark also has pragmatic, bottom-line limits. Supporting DoS attacks these days might well be counterproductive, the destruction of physical property is likely to get one branded a terrorist, and other excessively illegal behaviors are also likely to be problematic -- but these are shifting, and can change with the times and laws.