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IOD Webstalker

"The Web Stalker" is a speculative software application for reading and manipulating information on the most popular portion of the Internet -- the World Wide Web. As "Web Browsers" become increasingly more bloated and pointless, I/O/D 4: 'The Web Stalker" gives users "fast and dirty," "high protein access" to this media. After the uneasy peace in the "Browser Wars," I/O/D 4: "The Web Stalker" is a dramatic aesthetic and technical intervention that takes the situation to boiling-point.

Most artistic work on the web is channelled into merely providing content for web sites. These sites are bound by the conventions underlying the mark-up language (HTML) which describes and formats web documents. Despite the usual artistic responses of deconstruction or incoherence and largely failed claims to 'interactivity', these conventions remain impervious. They therefore remain the most dominant aesthetic on the Internet. I/O/D 4: "The Web Stalker" is a unique example of artists re-visualising data-space at a deep level. I/O/D4: "The Web Stalker" uses the fact of machinic and interpersonal communication across the network, and the technological structure and functions of the network to radically amplify or reroute them.