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The etoy.CORPORATION is a controversial global player online since 1994. etoy uses the corporate structure to maximize cultural value: the final link in the value chain. For etoy the dramatic problems of globalization are not to be solved by simply rejecting global markets, economic exchange, or multinational corporations. Instead etoy concentrates on the values which drive companies, culture, individuals and politics. By sharing risk, resources, maintaining a strong brand and maximizing the shareholder value, the etoy.CORPORATION seeks to explore social, cultural and financial value. etoy.SHAREHOLDERS invest time, knowledge, and ideas (or simply finance) in etoy.OPERATIONS which focus on the overlap of entertainment, cultural, social and economic values. etoy.SHAREHOLDERS participate in a dynamic artwork that takes place 24 hours a day in the middle of society -- on and offline.

These pictures show etoy.DAY-CARE, a camp realized for BIG TORINO (Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane 2002 / "BIG SOCIAL GAME"). Seven days a week etoy.AGENTS trained teams of 30 children between 7 and 12 years while they took their first steps on tomorrow's most crucial playground. In producing short etoy.CHILDREN-MOVIES they learn to create their own digital meaning, values and context to implement reality instead of following those who sell simplified truth. Through intelligent and exciting game play the etoy.CORPORATION invests social capital into 1,000 curious children.