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Bot fighters

BotFighters is the world's first location based mobile game that takes advantage of mobile positioning and let's users play against others in their vicinity by using a standard GSM phone. It's a fast-paced game mixing action and roleplay ingredients.

In BotFighters the players locate and shoot at each other with their cell phones out on the streets, where mobile positioning is used to determine whether the users are close enough to each other to be able to hit. On the BotFighters website, a robot theme community, the players may upgrade their robots, buy weapons, chat, view high scores and get the real time position of other players. Also, from the Botfighters website the players can sign contracts to find and destroy other robots. The BotFighters website is used for community building and to create an exciting game atmosphere, while the phone becomes the player's radar and weapon device. During a game play, the player sends an SMS (or uses his WAP phone) to check his targets real time physical location. If the target is within range, the player can shoot by sending a "fire" SMS. The damage caused depends on the type of weapon used, the efficiency of the targets shield and other preferences held by the players. The mission of the game is to locate and destroy other robots, and when a target is destroyed, the player advances on the high score list and earns credits. The credits can be used for buying new weapons, recharge the robot's battery and other upgrades of the robot on the BotFighters website.